In 1998, when the telecommunications industry was just emerging, the field of mobile phone repair was virtually untapped. Repair costs were expensive, and professionals capable of repairing phones were scarce. In order to solve this problem, the founder keenly recognized the potential demand from users and bravely resigned from a high-paying job. With solid technical expertise and experience in telecommunications product sales, he embarked on a challenging journey of mobile phone repair services and tool development. He named the brand "SUNSHINE," symbolizing sunshine and vibrant development, dedicated to providing repair technicians with high-quality and user-friendly repair instruments and tools.

As mobile phone products rapidly iterated and technology constantly updated, the SUNSHINE brand kept pace with industry development and continuously innovated its operations. The business model evolved from initial trade services to integrated industry and now to platform and supply chain construction. The product range expanded from initially offering hot air guns, soldering irons, and testing instruments to now encompassing ten major categories with over 5,000 products. The market expanded from the domestic market to over 100 countries worldwide, with over one million users.

SUNSHINE has always adhered to the concept of continuous innovation and providing high-quality tools, gradually becoming the word-of-mouth and consensus among a wide range of users. Whether it is a repair technician or an ordinary mobile phone user, they all know that when looking for good tools, SUNSHINE is the most reliable choice. As a leading brand in the field of mobile phone repair tools, SUNSHINE will continue to strive for innovation and provide users with better tools and services.


Originating from SUNSHINE's continuous exploration and innovation in meeting user demands, we have always been committed to providing high-quality maintenance equipment and tools. However, we have observed that some users have personalized and unique requirements for consumables and tools, and they hope to purchase cost-effective and practical products.

Therefore, in 2017, our R&D team launched a brand-new brand called RELIFE. RELIFE represents rebirth and rejuvenation, symbolizing our desire to provide users with a rejuvenating experience. RELIFE is dedicated to offering users cost-effective and useful tools and consumable products. It is not only an extension of SUNSHINE's maintenance equipment but also ventures into smart home supplies, allowing more affordable and excellent products to enter every household.

As a subsidiary brand under SUNSHINE, RELIFE will closely follow its development and always care about the needs of every user. We will continue to research and improve products to meet users' pursuit of personalization and practicality.

RELIFE, Practicality is real!


QUICK Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (stock code: 603203), founded in 1993, is a one-stop intelligent equipment solution provider. It is dedicated to providing complete equipment solutions for precision electronic assembly and semiconductor packaging industries. The company's main products include die bonding and packaging equipment, precision welding equipment, machine vision process equipment, and intelligent manufacturing equipment. It focuses on various industries such as semiconductor packaging, new energy vehicle electrification and intelligence, intelligent terminals and wearables, and precision electronics (medical electronics, data communication), continuously innovating to provide professional solutions to customers and promote industrial digitization and intelligence upgrade.

QUICK has won numerous honors and titles, including National High-tech Enterprise, Famous Trademark of Jiangsu Province, Manufacturing Industry Single Champion, Jiangsu Province Tin Welding Automation Engineering Technology Research Center, and many others.

SUNSHINE has been deeply cooperating with QUICK since its entrepreneurial beginnings, and over the past 20 years, they have achieved mutual development in the field of communication repair equipment, creating a story of win-win cooperation in the industry. Currently, SUNSHINE is the general distributor of QUICK communication repair equipment overseas, as well as in Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan.


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