What mobile phone repair tool can use to repair figerprint

As the fingerprint key on the iphone 7 doesn’t have an entity’s return button therefor , the return function is the IC induction on thefingerprintand This IC we defined as U10. So there are a lot of iphone 7 and 7p on the market right now, and the return function is invalidated. All of these problems caused by U10. that’s why we designed this fingerprint repair machine . with it we can replace the U10 IC easily.

This fingerprint device is to use iron heat and work,When werepairfingerprint,First put the fingerprint on the device and fixed. Then remove the soldering iron tip and the cover of the iron. And let the hot core be exposed, and then insert into the fingerprint maintainer .First turn thewelding stationtemperature to 275 degree ,This is thesealing gluetemperature, we can easily remove it.After removing glue, we reset the temperature to 325 degree,This is thetemperaturefor removing U10.And then put some flux and wait for about 1 minute.Then slowly push U10,and take it out .Finally get the fingerprint from thefingerprint devicemaintenance.Don’t let the fingerprint keep long time on the maintenance,Then we deal with U10 bonding pad.At last we put the fingerprint back the board and waiting for cooling