Do you know what microscope partner means and what role it plays in mobile repair tools industry

SUNSHINE, with 20 year’s mobile repairing experience, has taken the lead in mobile repair industry and put forward a first-aid solution for mobile phone repairs.

Nicolas, the Mechanic who runs a shop in a market that sells mobile phone repairing tools and cellphone accessories in Manchester, he said, I am happy to use the 0.5 objective len you recommended me to increase the working distance of the microscopelast time, but I have one problem that the microscope parts we call the pad is easy to be heated by high temperature when using the hot air station. The microscope now is good, but if can recommend a pad to me is better, Nicolas said to me. So this time i recommend a small but powerful and popular product to Nicolas.

After 5 days, Nicolas comes with his friends“ this SS-013 not only the partner of the microscope but also mine”, said Nicolas smiling. He took 10 pieces and retold “this SS-013 microscope partner is made of heat proof materialthe welding spot that escape the pad from heat and increase the removing glue tanks of newest and common IC which not easy for the fall down when remove ICNow all the problem for me just a pieces of cake and I am really enjoy my work.

SUNSHINE will keep on putting forward practical and creative items.

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Originally published 26 Apr 2018, updated 26 Apr 2018.

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