Efficient Mobile Phone Repairing Tips for Changing Screens

Twenty years of hard work, Sunshine mobile phone repair tools walk in the industry's forefront, to provide the majority of maintenance masters to facilitate. Good quality, medium price is also very much liked by maintenance masters. Sunshine mobile phone repair tools have always been the most cost-effective tool in the industry, none of them.

Here is a tip for you today. It is well known that removing the remaining OCA glue on the liquid crystal during the screen change process is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. General service technicians will look for very strong dismantling fluids, but the OCA adhesive removal fluid on the market is so numerous that it is difficult to choose. Now tell everyone a very good tip, it can save you 60% of the time in the screen change process.

Next, tell everyone how to operate: After using the hot separator to separate the screen and cover, we take out a new OCA glue on the LCD or on it, and then it will be stuck on the old OCA glue, then on the corner of the LCD. The new OCA glue began to tear there. At this time, there is a note that the peeled OCA glue is 45 degrees to the liquid crystal and will be easier to tear off without breaking. In this way, after the new one OCA adhesive is torn off, the remaining liquid crystals will not have hard-to-remove glue on them, and then the SUNSHINE 530 will be sprayed on the liquid crystals to remove the remaining dust. This is a very good way to shorten the time that our technicians came up with when they demonstrated the machine for a long time. The only downside is that you need to use two OCA glues to change screens.

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Originally published 25 Apr 2018, updated 25 Apr 2018.

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