Good USB Intelligent digital display detector,good mobile phone repair tools

As we know, In Mobile phone repair tools industry ,USB Intelligen digital display detector is used to monitor charging data, reduce the damage caused to the phone by overload, and protect your phone.

Now mobile phone repair tools came a star product Sunshine SS-302A USB Intelligent digital display detector( QC4.0).

SUNSHINE SS-302A USB Intelligent digital display detector(QC4.0).

1.QC4.0 ,support fast charging .

2.Tip makes high polish,if is very fine,super sharp and moderate stiffness.

3.Real-time monitoring, data is real and effective, protect your equipment.

4. Power-off memory function, data is not lost.

5.One-button reset function,Press and hold for 3-5 seconds, the recording data (working time, battery capacity) can be cleared.