In the mobile phone repair industry

With the emergence of iphone X, there are many mobile phone repair tools in the market. Mainboard, as an important part of mobile phone, is particularly important for maintenance tools.

The iPhoneX main board uses two layers of PCB stack welding technology. The mainboard must separate two pieces of PCB, and complete the function test after the mainboard maintenance, and the main board failure can not be solved once in a time. If the separation and welding work is repeated at high temperature, it will cause great damage to the main board and even scrap.

Now we will tell you why we need this tester and show you how to use it.

Firstly, prepare a power cable or battery, a power flex and a screen.

Secondly, decomposition iphone X middle layer simply equipped E-test fixture.

Thirdly, put in the lower main board, put n the pin board, put the top board in, and then cover the test rack.

Lastly, the first way to connect the screen line, boot, power cord or battery test. Link success. The second way is to connect the end plug on the base of the first method to implement the brush function.

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Originally published 01 Jun 2018, updated 01 Jun 2018.

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