Mobile phone rapair tool help you repair motherboard

Recently,SUNSHINEreleased an innovative microscope namedSZM45T-B1-1600SIn mobile repairing tools industry , this type of microscope becomes the breakthroughs in this line. With 20 year’s mobile repairing experience, SUNSHINE has taken the lead inmobile repair industryand put forward a first-aid solution for mobile phone repairs.

As an necessary tools in mobile repairing industry, microscope plays an important role, especially in mother-board repair. Only have a high-definition and wide-angle display can we repair as well as possible. Now more and more mechanics said they want to use the microscope with display because it make mechanic have a comfortable and convenient way when using the microscope, by the way, if teaching the people how to repair the mobile phone, it can provide a clear visual for the people because of theHDMI camera and HDMI screen,what’s more, the display and the HDMI camera come together that save space and save time when install. At the same time, the design of thismicroscopeis two-in-one power cord, connecting the camera and the microscope which solve the problem of power line scattered.

After we displaying this type of microscope in our shop, this new product catches many customers’ eyes. To provide a good experience for customers, we turn on the microscope and encourage the customer to test it. Now almost all the customers said they never seem suchinnovativemicroscope, it really is a breakthroughs in in microscope after they testing.

SUNSHINE will keep on putting forward practical and creative items.

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Originally published 21 May 2018, updated 21 May 2018.

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