Mobile phone repair tool to check the battery

In 1998, Sunshine have found the activating fixture can help the battery reborn, especial inmobie phone repairing.

Sometimes, we maybe hear some clients tell you that his mobile phone can not be used, and the battery can not use for a long time, do not worry, our Sunshinecell phone repairing toolsactivating fixture can help you solve the problem

Now, let me tell you how this product powerful

SS-901A intelligent quick charge activation fixture

1. Applies to8G/8P/X,4-7P,SAM etc.

2. Initiative adaptive fast charging function

3. Initiative the actualbatterycapacity testing

4. Initiative widevoltage and currentdesign (0-30V.0-5A)

5.Highcurrent overload protection,automatic power off when the battery is fully charged

6. Battery short circuit protection

After you see SS-901A intelligent quick chargeactivation fixturepowerful functions, do you want to need it to help yourebornyour battery?

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Originally published 19 May 2018, updated 19 May 2018.

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