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Sunshine for mobile phone maintenance.Founded in 1998, 19 years, has focused on the mobile phone repair tools field, from scratch, from have to strong, as the world's leading mobile phone repair tools one-stop service platform, the business scope of radiation more than 60 countries and regions around the world, the service end users for more than 30 m, up to 10 categories of orders, more than 1000 kinds of products, covering all kinds of mobile phone repair process tooling needs.

Quick 858D is agentle windgun.


1. Long life, ultra-quiet, no brush fan.

2. High quality heater can up the power.

3. The system has the function of automatic cold air, which can prolong the life of the heater.

4. Sensor closed loop.

5. The handle is equipped with a sensor switch, as long as the hand grip handle, the system can enter the working mode, the handle is put back to the handle frame, it will enter the standby mode

6. Blown tape with plastic components, no deformation, blown soldering circuit board is not blistering

7.using alloy shell, compact body, durable

8. Occupies a small work table.

There is a maintenance teacher use Quick 858D,later gave many of his peers,now they ALL USE Quick 858D use formaintenace

Do you want know more aboutsunshine tools,please contact me.

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Originally published 04 May 2018, updated 04 May 2018.

Special Annual Meeting 2019

18 Mar 2020

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Congratulations to the opening of the flagship store of Shenzhen SUNSHINE TOOLS!

12 Mar 2019

Congratulations to the opening of the flagship store of Shenzhen SUNSHINE TOOLS!

New store, new start, waiting for you!

11 Mar 2019

New store, new start, waiting for you!

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