Mobile phone repair tools to promise you a healthy life

SUNSHINE has taken the lead in creating the first-aid packet in mobile phone repairing tools industry after 20 years experiences and development accumulated by SUNSHINE, which has played a vital role in this industry. Insist on people-oriented principle and focus on the innovation, SUNSINE finally released Quick 6602 double pipe Fume Purifying & Filtering System after the long-time struggle.

1. Triple filter design to ensure that the filter smoke harmful substances, protect the security of the human body. At the beginning of efficient filter and the filter can be replaced separately, prolong the service life of main filter.

2. The built-in circulating air filter way will indoor air conditioning/heating to avoid outside, really do save energy, conform to the requirements of the state environmental protection at the same time.

3. High power brushless DC motor, air volume, long service life.

4. Low noise design.

As a mechanic who repairing cellphone more than 15 years , Muhammad Fauzi always boring with the harmful air when using the rework station for a long time that has a bad effect on his health although he has the smoke absorber. Muhammad Fauzi connected with me on facebook and sadly complained about the trouble “I love my careen but now I have to give up because my health is threatened”. Compare with the common absorber, our Quick 6602 not only can absorb the harmful air and dust but also can purify the 0.3 micron particles, purification rate can be 99.97%. So I recommend this new model to Muhammad Fauzi . After he using this product , Muhammad Fauzi talked with me on the facebook again and said the Quick 6602 double pipe Fume Purifying & Filtering System is very helpful to his health and no need worry about the dust come out on the cellphone when repairing. He said he enjoys his job everyday and already recommended this machine to his friends. I love my work as I love myself, Fauzi kindly said.

SUNHSINE, born for mobile phone repairing, the choice of a new generation.

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Originally published 30 Mar 2018, updated 30 Mar 2018.

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