Mobile phone repair tools to protect your health

Do you want to know that your body has been infringed? Do you want to know what is affecting your health? It would produce lots of toxic substance during soldering which may cause operating personnel uncomfortable like headache, being dizzy, coughing or feeling sick. Man would suffer lung tissue fibrosis lesion if he stays in such environment.

In order to protect the technician health, SUNSHINE launched a smoking instrument, SUNSHINE SS-493E Industrial-grade anti-static smoking instrument.

1. 30W Strong power of absorbing.

2. Activated carbon and cotton filter inside the machine could rapidly absorb toxic gas purifying filter space.

3. The filter is made of special material with high-efficient capability of filtering.

4. Compact instruction makes it easy to move.

GZ SUNSHINE specializes in providing a one-stop service platform for maintenance tools. We have a strong sense of innovation and thousands of products to cater to customers' needs.

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Originally published 28 Mar 2018, updated 28 Mar 2018.

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