Mobile phone repairing tools to fit phone screen

Do you want to move clean working table to your studio?

GZ SUNSHINE took the lead in the mobile phone repairing tool into a light industrial mini dust-free work table and change impossibility into possibility to make all the maintenance personnel in one station-Give a private, custom-made dust-free, clean studio. For the mobile phone repair tool industry in 2018 we have provided new vitality.

SUNSHINE SS-917B Mini dust-free work table

1. mini, easy to carry, save costs

2. Double fan, using negative ion processor, high efficiency, dust removal, electricity removal, smoke extraction, good efficiency.

3. dual LED lights, intimate service

In the year of 2018, John, a British maintenance master, expanded his business scope. In mid-January, he bought a complete set of screen changing equipment. After returning, he did not know how to find issue reason? According to the seller's method of operation, john directed that the screen still appears bubbles after the operation. After the two parties confirm it, it is not a device problem. The seller is also puzzled. Where did the problem occur?

When john thought about it, he didn't know where the problem was. JOHN associates himself with the difference between the business environment and his own work environment. Suddenly he remembers that the original business presentation environment was a dust-free environment in a closed room, and his work environment was open to the outside world. Due to environmental issues, the product was laden with bubble.

As soon as John took action, he needed to buy a set of dustless equipment and searched it online. The big equipment was worth thousands of dollars, and the small ones had 300-400 dollars in shipping costs. It is bulky, heavy, and expensive to transport.

JOHN searched the GZ SUNSHINE website for a SS-917B mini dust-free work table. The size, functionality and adaptability of the equipment were completely his own urgently needed equipment. John immediately left his contact information on GZ SUNSHINE official website. Within 12 hours GZ SUNSHINE customer contacted JOHN and provided a quotation. JOHN received a quotation from GZ SUNSHINE and was surprised to find that the price was so reasonable. Shipping costs less than US$200. Joyfully confirmed order and paid the product. After 7 days, they received the goods sent by GZ SUNSHINE and perfectly. JOHN immediately disassembles the product and installs it for usage. A live demo of the screen repair is provided. Wow. Perfect! With the SS-917B mini dust-free work table, the success rate of JOHN's screen replacement repair is 100%, and the efficiency is improved.

While serving the motherboard, JOHN also used the SUNSHINE SS-917B MINI dust-free work table. The SS-917B MINI dust-free work table has a wide range of features and functions. In addition to smoke, dust, and static electricity, his studio is comfortable more tidy and JOHN is very satisfied with this shopping.

GZ SUNSHINE specializes in providing mobile phone repair tools for one-stop service for 20 years. There are more than 1,000 kinds of product varieties .if you need to know more about GZ SUNSHINE. Welcome to contact us.

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Originally published 23 Mar 2018, updated 23 Mar 2018.

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