New experience, service upgrade!

In order to bring better service and experience to the global customers of Sunshine Tools, the global flagship store of Sunshine Tools has been fully upgraded!

I am very happy to welcome the comprehensive upgrade of our Sunshine Tools store in Cambodia, Paraguay, Jordan and Libya in the middle of 2022:

After the refurbishment of the flagship store in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, it has been built into a supermarket model with a strong sense of immersion for customers, which can make the products of the store clearer and more beautiful, and improve the customer's purchasing experience.

In addition, flagship stores in Paraguay, Jordan, Libya, etc. have been upgraded and renovated, bringing the best service and consumption experience to global customers!

Tag: mobile phone repair tools

Originally published 14 Jul 2022, updated 14 Jul 2022.

New experience, service upgrade!

14 Jul 2022

More than 30 flagship stores across the country bring you the best mobile phone repair tools!

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27 Oct 2021

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18 Oct 2021

Do you know that there is a machine that can meet all mobile phone film needs?

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25 Jun 2021

Applicable for disassembly and repair of lens module of IP8-12 Pro Max series and other mobile phone glass back cover.

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M6 6-in-1 motherboard layered heating station, suitable for IPX-11 series, to meet your maintenance needs.

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