Mobile phone repair tool quick ultimate weapon—Rework Station

Last time, I have introduced Quick Soldering Station to you Soon, there are comments asking for imoformation of rework station on this subscription.I'm lucky enough to have the chance to recommend the most amazing high technology product to you.

Super Intelligent ultimate weapon - TR1300A

1300W initial design of separative handle and main machine The apperance is full of sense of high technology The inside is all intelligent.

1. Password protection and button lock, which could save pointed parameter in case of optional change.

2. Intelligent setting of auto-sleep to protect machine.

3. Has cold wind to adapt to more repairing occasion.

4. Use ceramic tube heating unit, lengthen heating unit life.

5. Brushless eddy fan with constant winds and abundent heat.

Ultra luxury Foxconn Configuration-856AD

1300W continue work must-have

1. Fast temperature rising, easy and precise stable ajusting temperature.

2. Twin stage controal — Magnitic Switch and pedal switch(Magnitic switch can control machine independently, either).

3. Preset time, winds and temperature of 3 channels.

4. Auto sleep: set parameter on sleep condition.

5. Sensor closed loop circuit, microcomputer zero-crossing trigger temperature control.

Quick Rework Stations are durable and reliable and great welcomed in phone repairing industry.These 2 stations are new technical breakthrough favorite.Both time-saving and reliable,are these 2 product touched you?

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Originally published 15 Nov 2017, updated 15 Nov 2017.

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