What mobile phone repair tool was selected this week

Hello everyone.Do you know how to tell the difference between solder wire? Do you know what solder wire is good for mobile phone repair tools? Today I am introducing you to Sunshine's SS-030 high purity solder wire. Here are its features.

What mobile phone repair tool was selected this week

SS-030 Rosin core active solder wire.

1. Raw materials originate from high-purity tin, bright surface color.

2.63%high-purity,less impurities,Less residue after soldering.

3.Low melting point,good activity.

4.Anti-oxidation, superior electrical conductivity.

Its biggest advantage is its high purity. When soldering the mother board, there are few impurities and less residue, so that the welded board is practical and beautiful. The key to judging the skill of the maintenance master is to judge his technique of repairing the motherboard. Many maintenance technicians like to use it. I hope you can also like this product. thank you all. If you want to know more good products, please pay attention to company page. The company page will update the latest products to give you a better experience with repairs.