Special Annual Meeting 2019

This is a very special annual meeting, adhering to the principle of SUNSHINE which always study hard, willing to give, and make progress together.

Everyone has prepared the show of this annual conference very seriously.

The Spring Festival dinner kicked off with a large cosplay costume show.

There are animal groups, costume groups, beauty and the beast, pajamas shows, etc., as well as new SUNSHINE clothes show.

After careful dressing, every one is so beautiful and charming.

I am very fortunate that I have joined the SUNSHINE company. Through their actions and their attitudes, they perfectly explain what a team is!

Enriching and advancing in 2019, we walked together, Vision 2020, let us work together!

2020, wish we work harder and create a better tomorrow!

Tag: mobile phone repair tools

Originally published 18 Mar 2020, updated 18 Mar 2020.

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Do you know that there is a machine that can meet all mobile phone film needs?

Fun and practical glass removal tool

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Applicable for disassembly and repair of lens module of IP8-12 Pro Max series and other mobile phone glass back cover.

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M6 6-in-1 motherboard layered heating station, suitable for IPX-11 series, to meet your maintenance needs.

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On May 20th, 2021, we held a special event, Exchange books, exchange love.

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