Special mobile phone repair tool you need to know

In the terms of special technology,it has been a awesome repair product with expert repair would be up one technology repair world .if the maintenance masters no have been good products with them .even they were more higher repair skill ,it also shows them common .it hasn’t been to improve their income. So experts repair ,it is very important to choice one kind of repair toolsfor them .By next step I will introduce paste +G-lon main motherboard holder +plant net set . it was a set amazing collocation in repair mobile phone tools industrynot only improve expert repair identity .also improve maintenance know more repair products of worth .coz you are awesome .

Let we listen a repair expert Mr Carlos from how to common the special set affect picture

It was important one point tobe the paste temperature is 158degree,IPHONE X middle board tinning was more special,the temperature just fine 158 degree,if you used 183 degree paste would spoil this middle board ,if used lower temperature paste result was not so better .Couldn’t reach repair expert wanna perfect result .it is real a wonderful set for repair experts .100% maintenances are worth to gainSUNSHINE SS-032 Paste set.Amazing combination !

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Originally published 03 May 2018, updated 03 May 2018.

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