Sunshine is sending a message of cell phone repair to you

In the past 20 years, Sunshine mobile phone repair tools have always been the best supplier of mobile phone repair tools in China. We dream of one day standing together with HAKKO.WELLER and demonstrating Chinese products. To tell the world, in the mobile phone repair tool industry and other industries, China also has high quality and excellent price products.

Times are innovating and mobile phones are changing. As an excellent supplier of mobile phone repair tools industry, we have been thinking about our maintenance masters, how can we help them repair mobile phones more quickly. After a series of attempts, the sunshine 580 electronic component detection agent appeared. The main problem it solves is to quickly find out the location of the shorted components on the motherboard.The general maintenance master does not have 3.5 years of experience and it is difficult to quickly detect the location of the mobile phone. There are hundreds of small components on an IPHONE motherboard. An IC controls a function. When our mobile phone is broken, it is the corresponding The phone IC is broken. But the specific IC problem is that we need to use our multimeter to check one by one. If you're lucky, you can find it in the front of the inspection. If it is unfortunate, it really takes 2 hours. Check the problem IC, then spend 10 minutes to replace the IC to solve the problem. This agent use is to open the rear cover of the mobile phone, leak the position of the main board, take the sunshine 580 electronic component detection agent and spray it against the motherboard. It will be found that the spray will quickly cover the main board and stain with white powder, then the white powder will be 2.3. The color slowly fades after seconds. Then we plugged in the phone's charging cable and sprayed it again with the sunshine 580 electronic component detection agent. We will find that some components on the motherboard are not infected with white, then this component that is not stained with white is our problem IC. Need to replace it.

It is so simple, it is so convenient, just take the sunshine 580 electronic component detection agent sprayed on the motherboard, you can find the problem IC. Want to know more about mobile phone repair tool information? Come and follow our homepage, more surprises and good products to share with you.

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Originally published 12 Apr 2018, updated 12 Apr 2018.

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