The best mobile phone repair tools-sunshine SD-18E

Hello everyone.Today, I will give you a brief introduction to our lithium battery electric screwdriver. First of all, its shape is very fashionable, using high-purity aluminum, die-casting, very light and full of hand.

When using, it will be very convenient to start the LED lighting automatically. Press the above to disassemble the machine, and press the reverse screw. Look at this speed, the speed of 200, the horsepower is enough.

The internal use of the lithium battery solves the problem of cumbersome and inconvenient wired connection, and its power storage function is also very strong. The full power can be used continuously for 2 hours and the battery life is up to 180 days.

Our batch nozzle is made of imported S2 imported alloy steel with a hardness of up to 60 and can be used more than 5000 times.

14 batches, very versatile, mobile phones, small appliances, digital equipment, etc. are no problem.

Finally, we also designed a very intimate storage box, which is magnetic, gently pressed, very convenient. The SD-18E is beautiful and practical, compact and convenient. It is not suitable for offline maintenance. It is also the best choice for O2O home repair service, and it is also a favorite product for maintenance enthusiasts.

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Originally published 09 Sep 2018, updated 09 Sep 2018.

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18 Mar 2020

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Congratulations to the opening of the flagship store of Shenzhen SUNSHINE TOOLS!

12 Mar 2019

Congratulations to the opening of the flagship store of Shenzhen SUNSHINE TOOLS!

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11 Mar 2019

New store, new start, waiting for you!

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