The best ROI glue of mobile phone repair tools

Do you know China mobile phone repairting tools are the best price ratio?

Our customers are all thumbs up for our products and turn key solution service.

After 20 years, Sunshine took the lead in the celling phone repairing tools industry accumulate steadily, maintenance is put forward in the mobile phone repair kit. It has played a crucial role in the mobile phone maintenance industry in 2018.

Now let me introduce our new products. The feature bout SUNSHINE B-5000 multi-functional transparent glue are as follow:

1.New size needle design to solve the problem of glue clogging.

2.Super adhesive

3.New hanging plastic packaging

4.Sealed and isolated air, liquid, air flow, the glue in water environment to maintain long-term excellent adhesive strength.

5.Extremely flexible, can be stretched to 900% of its length will not break, effective adhesion of the surface with the telescopic nature of the material.

6.Turning neither white, nor brittle, nor yellow nor stiff, low drawing, odorless.

7.Be widely used in shoe repair, handicrafts/shoes/ #mobilephonepointdrilling. Particularly suitable for cell phone repair, such as screen glue up repairing, back cover glue up, back cover repairing, frame degumming repairing, replace the main screen.

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Originally published 20 Mar 2018, updated 20 Mar 2018.

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