What is a good mobile phone repair tool for curve Separator

SUNSHINES-ICE18024343S -180 degree refrigerated separator is the first choice for fast separation of curved screens, its for helps the maintenance of mobile screens.freezor separate machine is a highest quality machine.

SUNSHINE S-ICE18024343S - 180-degree freezing separator Freezing2 minutes Easy to solve curved screen separation,you know?

Separating mobile phone Screens Are you still separated by heating? Then you are out now.

SUNSHINE S-ICE18024343S -180-degree freezing separator freezes for two minutes to quickly help you solve the separation screen problem.

SUNSHINE S-ICE18024343S - 180 degree refrigerated splitter seconds to remove the apple frame, no syrup to remove the SAMSUNG mobile phone frame.

SUNSHINE S-ICE18024343S -180 Degree Refrigerated Separator

On the market, the group of frozen separators kept coming out, and the temperature ranged from -130 degrees to 190 degrees. Styles and prices were also uneven. What are the highlights of the specific SUNSHINE S-ICE18024343S -180 degree freezing separator? Listen to Vivian Wu to explain it to you.

SUNSHINE S-ICE18024343S - Compressor used in 180 degree refrigerated separator: Bristol, United States, compressor is the core component of the refrigerated separator. To achieve a temperature of -180 degrees -190 degrees can not do without a good heart.

Rated power: 2000W, quickly reduce the temperature, even if you open the lid does not affect your normal use, the market has a temperature of -185 degrees and -190 degrees separator, but the open lid temperature rises, slow temperature recovery.

Job size: 24*34cm, to meet the 15-inch computer screen separation, improve work efficiency.

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Originally published 10 May 2018, updated 10 May 2018.

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