TB-01 Ultra

RELIFE TB-01 Ultra Smart Screen Tester TB-01 Ultra

1.Applicable to IP6~14Plus/HW/SAM/OP/VI/MI quick screen test, supports IP7~14Plus with original screen/no original screen original color repair; 64G bit capacity, 16 times expansion on the basis of TB-01 Pro, the capacity Can support up to thousands of cable models.

2.Suitable for measuring display, touch, power consumption, original color restoration, strong compatibility, can be tested with original or assembled, screen power supply design, compatible with Ruiju/JK/ZY and other special scheme screens, no need for additional brightness expansion boards, and screen brightness is bright even when turned to zero.

3.2.8-inch clamshell design with touch screen, more convenient operation, new smart operating system, IOS-like interactive design, multi-functional quick switching.

4.The detachable small board design with protection function can effectively protect the display chip and reduce the damage of the main board.

5.The battery cable capacity does not need to be set, the actual capacity defaults to 100%, and the number of cycles is 0; the actual capacity and number of cycles of the battery can be set arbitrarily; immediately after setting, there is no need to change the battery for guidance, and the setting remains correct after multiple restarts.

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EAN(Gtin13): 6941590208213


Model: TB-01 Ultra

Sku: 1


"The function is very complete, the touch and display of the test screen are very effective."


"Very easy to operate, suitable for all IP6~14Plus/HW/SAM/OP/VI/MI series."


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