RELIFE RL-304R 260W Multi-port GaN Charger RL-304R

1.Applicable to MAC/IPAD/iP/HW/SAM/OP/VI/MI/MZ and other mainstream brand mobile phones/tablets/laptops.

2.Using the new semiconductor gallium nitride technology, the laptop charging technology is applied to the power strip, balancing fast charging and safety, with greater power and smaller size.

3.260W high power flash charging,A new level of PD fast charging, single port supports PD3.1, 140W high power output, fast charging for the new 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop.

4.Intelligent digital display, current and voltage can be seen, high-definition LCD display, digital display readings are clear at a glance, easy to use.

5.15W wireless fast charging,Comply with QI wireless charging standard, 15W peak output, automatically adapt to match 10W/7.5W/5W.

6.Touch color LCD display,Touch switch design, you can turn off the display with a light touch, and you can choose between on and off.

7.Specially designed for mobile phone wireless charging silicone pad, effective anti-skid, protect your mobile phone.

8.New temperature control technology,Adopt module partition heat conduction scheme, DC/AC separate heat dissipation, high power/multi-device operation, good heat dissipation channels, effectively reduce heat generation, and ensure mobile phone charging safety.

9.Overvoltage/overcurrent/overload/temperature/short circuit protection, after charging is turned on, a variety of intelligent protections are turned on, actively filtering dangers for you to ensure safe charging.

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EAN(Gtin13): 6941590208909


Model: RL-304R

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"Very practical, delivery in estimated times and the product is of very good quality."


"Small and does not take up space."


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