IBOOT Type B Android phone series power cable IBOOT-B

1.Support 300+ Android models,Constant voltage and constant current intelligent output, over-current and over-voltage automatic multi-level protection, self-identification.

2.Use the conventional Micro USB interface, support the expansion of new interfaces at any time, strong expandability, easy to replace, and meet the follow-up update model.

3.Mechanical ammeter interface design, can be used without connecting the power supply, more accurate judgment of large and small currents.

4.Equipped with a recognized battery contact holder, which is ready to use, can identify battery current/voltage/power, effectively solve the problem that the mobile phone cannot recognize the battery and restart and cannot be turned on. High integrated circuit, using smaller components and smaller battery detection board, More accurate battery buckle, easy to buckle, not easy to fall off.

5.The connection with the main board is not easy to fall off, the number of folds is more than 90,000 times, and it is not easy to break. The ultra-soft and ultra-thin FPC flexible row is durable and easy to operate..

6.Non-magnetic copper plug design, strong oxidation resistance, easy to use, suitable for all power sockets in the maintenance industry.

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EAN(Gtin13): 6941590207896


Model: IBOOT-B

Sku: 1


"Good tools, worth buying."


"Powerful, applicable models android phones, intelligent anti-burn."


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