RELIFE RL-035C Mobile phone frame caulking glue RL-035C

1.It is suitable for elastic bonding, elastic sealing, shock absorbing, etc. of mobile phone warped screen, frame ungluing, DIY mobile phone case, mobile phone back cover, electronic product display, etc.; also suitable for handicraft bonding, mobile phone DIY jewelry sticking drill and sticking Bonding and fixing of various metal and non-metal materials.

2.Can repair mobile phone screens, frame gaps, screen light leakage, mobile phone screen warping, also suitable for HW/OP/VI/MI and other curved screen frame gaps, waterproof and sealed.

3.Hose-type design to eliminate waste, needle-insert needle tube, unscrew the bottle cap to use, convenient and quick.

4.Curved screen maintenance special caulking,It is suitable for repairing and caulking the frame of mobile phones such as HW and curved screens, without damaging the inner screen, waterproof and sealed.

5.Strong Fast Fit,Preliminary curing in 10 minutes, pressure holding in 20 minutes, no degumming; good gelling performance, rubbery after curing, full of elasticity, effectively protecting mobile phones.

6.High-concentration glue, environmentally friendly high-quality silicone rubber, non-corrosive, does not hurt the machine or hands.

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EAN(Gtin13): 6941590208978


Model: RL-035C

Sku: 1


"Good glue, stretch strong."


"Reliable quality, with the characteristics of the material surface."


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