SUNSHINE SS-917C MINI High-purity Dust-free Machine With Dual Light SS-917C MINI

1. It is suitable for quickly detecting every flaw on the screen of a mobile phone, film for various tablets and mobile phones, and dry glue for the screen, etc.

2. Dual Mode Light Adjustment.The green light reveals the dust, so that tiny dust has nowhere to hide; the white light illuminates small bubbles and small components, improving work efficiency; no strobe light, more eye-friendly, and at the same time increases the softness adjustment of the light source, which is more humane.

3. large activity area,With a 340*240mm movable iron plate to expand the working area, the operating space can be expanded. At the same time, it is equipped with a film non-slip silicone pad, which can be opened or pushed back to the working area at any time.

4. The double fans are side by side and tilt upwards, rectified by the wind plate and then blow out downwards. The softness of the air volume can be adjusted, and there is no need to reach into the workbench for operation, which solves the problem of narrow working environment.

5. Thickened dense filter cotton, high-quality composite fibers, tightly combined and not easy to deform, multi-layer high-efficiency filtration.

6. With film special silicone pad,Fine concave-convex design, enhanced anti-slip, no damage to mobile phones and tablet film problems.

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EAN(Gtin13): 6941590208763


Model: SS-917C MINI

Sku: 1


"Good worktable, built-in three-layer filter, filtering effect increased 16 times, can filter PM2.5 microwave particles."


"LED brightness adjustment, brightness increase by 20%, hot sale in my country."


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