SUNSHINE SS-6604 MINI Smoke Purifier SS-6604

1.It can be used in smoke and dust treatment in many fields. The three-layer filtration system effectively handles harmful substances such as lead smoke, rosin, smoke and odors.

2.3 layers of filtration, effectively filtering smoke and protecting health.

3.Aerodynamics long rhombus hood,Easy to install, the hose can be adjusted 360° at will, and the silicone design of the air inlet is conducive to large-area smoking vertically or horizontally without smoke escaping.

4.Compact size, small footprint, large operating space, high work efficiency, low-noise brushless fan, high air volume, large suction power.

5.360° adjustable universal retractable hose。Good air tightness, adjust the appropriate position and curvature according to personal needs, strong fixation.

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EAN(Gtin13): 6941590210209


Model: SS-6604

Sku: 1


"This product is very necessary for mobile phone repair, it protects your health."


"thanks my wife, this machine help you keep away from smoke, you deserve it."


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