GVM T210S T210S Smart Soldering Station GVM T210S

1.Suitable for electronic repair, such as welding workshop of electronic factory, electronic rework, mobile phone repair, etc..

2.High precision and powerful desoldering,It can be widely used in various chip-level repairs, PCB manufacturing, mobile phone motherboard flying wire desoldering, etc.

3.Multifunctional soldering iron stand,Integrated handle placement, heating core cleaning and storage, and the heating core can be removed with one hand.

4.120W peak power, rapid heating, 2 seconds tin melting, no difficulty in soldering joints of different sizes.

5.Intelligent automatic sleep and standby, it will sleep when the soldering iron stand is placed, which greatly extends the life of the heating core, saves power and reduces hidden risks.

6.LCD display, intuitive control of temperature at any time.

7.Universal C210 series soldering iron tips,Plug and use, disassembly and replacement in 2 seconds, convenient and fast, lead-free soldering iron head conducts heat quickly, resists oxidation, and is easy to tin.

8.Anti-slip and anti-scalding engineering handle, long-term use will not tire.

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Model: GVM T210S

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"can be widely used in various chip-level repairs, PCB manufacturing, mobile phone motherboard jumping wire lead desoldering, etc."


"SUNSHINE Tools is worthy of being a professional mobile phone repair tool with stable quality and first-class service."


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